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National Language Challenge and Puzzle Parade

In 1991 the Border branch of SACEE initiated the National Language Challenge. The competition was introduced to provide an English language benchmarking service to schools. Over the past 32 years, it has expanded into a national initiative serving schools in all 9 provinces of South Africa.

The Border branch of SACEE is entirely responsible for the setting of the papers, all the administrative work involved in the running of the competition, and the marking and distribution of the results of each year’s competition.

To take part in the 31st Annual Language Challenge and Puzzle Parade that will take place on the 1st September 2023 please download the forms below:


It was promising to see an increase in the number of schools who entered this year’s SACEE National Puzzle Parade and Language Challenge, which seems to indicate that schools are normalizing.  We are confident that these numbers will continue to increase next year.      

Below please find the 2022 results with a comparison to the 2021 results.  

Special mention should be made of the following schools and learners:

  • Nizamiye Primary School had 9 learners achieve 100% in Grade 2
  • Montrose Primary had 7 learners achieve 100% in Grade 2
  • Irene Primary had 4 learners achieve 100% in Grade 3
  • 3 Learners achieved 100%
    • Grade 8: Grace Coetzer (Our Lady of Fatima Domincan Convent School)
    • Grade 9: Layla Khandoo (Clarendon High School for Girls)
    • Grade 11: Lunabile Veto (Wynberg Girls’ High School)

These learners and schools should all be commended and recognized for their excellent results.    

We would like to thank all principals and teachers for their continued support – without you the event would not be a success. We trust that you will find the results informative and useful in benchmarking your school’s English Language proficiency against national norms and averages, and, for those schools which have participated in the past, plotting and measuring your progress against previous years. 

We encourage all schools to recognize their top performing learners, particularly those who achieved outstanding results.  Attached with the report, please find a template for a certificate that can be used to award your top scorers.   

Please note that only the overall top three learners (including tied places) in Grades 4 – 11 are awarded a cash prize.  We ask all schools with prize winners to complete page 4 and send us their banking details by return email so that we can transfer the prize winner’s cash prize into your school account.  We would appreciate it if you could award the prize winners their relevant amounts.

Lisa van Tonder

Coordinator:  SACEE Language Challenges and Puzzle Parades.   

Puzzle Parade Results – 2022

Language Challenge Results – 2022

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