The Border branch of SACEE is one of the ‘busiest’ branches in the country. The main project is the National
‘Language Challenge, open to Grade 4 to Grade 11 learners and the Puzzle Parades’ w
hich are open to Grades 1, 2 and 3 learners.   


In addition to the National projects the branch continued to organize many of its other competitions and events
these included –

Poetry Festival
General Knowledge Quiz
Fun with Words
Public Speaking
Short Story Competition
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2020 has been an extraordinary year, one that we would never have thought imaginable.  With all that the year threw at us it would be easy to only focus on the negative.  However, the challenges we faced increased our resilience and offered lessons that we would carry with us through the years to come.

The year was particularly taxing on teachers who had to stretch their skills and abilities.  However, they showed their true worth and potential by adapting to new ways of teaching, tapping into their creativity and constantly thinking out the box.  

Our learners need to be commended for their courage, determination and perseverance.  They showed true grit when faced to the “new normal”.  This will truly be a memorable year for them and their achievements, whatever they may be, should be acknowledged and recognized.

COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown had a direct impact on the operations of SACEE.  Many projects needed to be cancelled or postponed, and those that were implemented after the lockdown all had their own challenges.  However, the learners once again impressed us with their creativity and excellence. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions, logistical issues and delayed projects we were unable to host the annual SACEE Border Prizegiving.  However, we would like to recognise those learners who did excel and therefore please find below the award winners of the projects that were implemented.  We also feel it is important to recognise those schools that continually perform well so while not all activities were completed, we have identified our top performing schools for 2020.


  1st Place – DUX 2nd Place 3rd Place
Foundation Phase Merrifield Clarendon Prep Stirling Primary
Primary Schools Stirling Primary Voorpos Gonubie Primary Merrifield  
High Schools Clarendon Girls High Merrifield Cambridge High School


Spelling Bee

The Foundation Phase Spelling Bee was held on the 13 February at Hudson Park Primary and as always, this event was well supported and 16 schools participated.

Grade 2 – 3 Spelling Bee

Grade 4 – 7 Spelling Bee

The Intermediate Phase Spelling Bee was held on the 20 February at Stirling Primary Schools and 12 teams participated in this event.


Forum Discussion

A very successful forum discussion event was held on the 20 February for the Grade 11 and 12s at Clarendon High School. 

1st Place – GOLD 2nd Place – SILVER 3rd Place – BRONZE
Clarendon A Merrifield A Kingsridge B

Best Chairperson: Pooja Vijay (Merrifield)

Best Speaker: Julia Nhawu (Clarendon)

Special Mentions: Paige Mackenzie (Stutterheim A); Zolchanyo Kweleto (Stutterheim A); Amohetso Mbude (Kingsridge B)

Up-and-Coming Speakers: Sibabalwe Mpulwane (Hudson Park B); Siyavuya Kobokana (Kingsridge A)



While the number of participants were significantly lower than in 2019, the 2020 SACEE National Language Challenge still provided a bench-mark for English proficiency in schools.  Please see below the breakdown of the participants with a comparison to 2019:

The following local learners excelled in the challenge:

For more details on the 2020 Language Challenge/Puzzle Parade please click here.


For the fifth year running, the SACEE SHORT STORY NATIONAL COMPETITION, organised by the  SACEE Border Branch Committee, had the pleasure of inviting contributions from schools throughout South Africa.

The competition was open to:

                                      PRIMARY SCHOOLS:      Grade 6 and Grade 7 pupils. 

                                      HIGH SCHOOLS:               Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10 and Grade 11 pupils.

 The DEFINITION of a SHORT STORY is an event, (or a series of events), involving a single or small number of characters which develops towards a climax.

Stories could be about ANY TOPIC of choice. 

The LENGTH of the short story must be EXACTLY 100 WORDS – including the title.

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Slam Poetry Evening

The entertaining Slam Poetry Evening was held in the Selborne College Library on the 5th March.  28 poets took part in the event and the poems presented were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

The Sheryl Human Read out Loud Contest for Grade 6 and 7

This event was held on the 9th March at Stirling Primary School.  26 readers participated in the event and the winners are as follows:

Poetry Competition

The theme for this year’s poetry competition was “Our World, Our Future”.  This theme was particularly relevant to current situation facing the learners.  The following learners received Gold Awards:

Name Surname School Grade
Zaneera Bhayat Stirling Primary 4
Tanyth Riley Stirling Primary 4
Ruty Dweba Stirling Primary 4
Eli Clarke Stirling Primary 4
Kiran Hudson Stirling Primary 4
Lily Schutte Stirling Primary 4
Ella Bartlett Stirling Primary 4
Coco Rheeder Stirling Primary 4
Dahne Bonnet Stirling Primary 6
Janey-Heather Wood Stirling Primary 6
Lelona Botha Stirling Primary 6
Elethu Masha Stirling Primary 6
Maya Taylor Stirling Primary 6
Kate Diemieniet Stirling Primary 6
Mvana Makwetu Stirling Primary 6
Lilitha Mgwalume George Randell Primary 6
Siphosihle Nanze George Randell Primary 6
Tapi Nonkonyana Sutterheim High School 6
Chris Eva Stirling Primary 7
Tenique Pillay Stirling Primary 7
Suzanne Strauss Stirling Primary 7
Olothando Maqula Stirling Primary 7
Ngcali Ngcanga Stirling Primary 7
Matthew Wiseman Stirling Primary 7
Lihlomile Yoyo Stirling Primary 7
Kesha Louw Stirling Primary 7
Jared Vasi Stirling Primary 7
Jade Paddey Stirling Primary 7
Caden Kretzmann Stirling Primary 7
Amity Tressider Stirling Primary 7
Kylie Holmes Lilyfontein 8
Megan Emslie Lilyfontein 9
Josie Price Lilyfontein 9
Jamie Manthe Lilyfontein 9
Connor Timmins Lilyfontein 9
Norrice Le Roux Lilyfontein 9
Tahra Sumption Lilyfontein 9
Holly Mellin Lilyfontein 11
Abigail Middleton Lilyfontein 11
Jade Bahlman Stirling High 9
Jade Bahlman Stirling High 9
Jade Bahlman Stirling High 9
Cameron Marx Stirling High 9
Emily Kruger Stirling High 9
Emily Kruger Stirling High 9
Emily Kruger Stirling High 9
Iva Mtongana Stirling High 9
Megan Coetzer Stirling High 10
Grethe Van Wyk Stirling High 10
Marlo Kirsten Stirling High 10
Marlo Kirsten Stirling High 10
Mari-Juan Machin Stirling High 11
Chrizelda Solomons Clarendon 10
Sascha Martimer Clarendon 10
Rachel Forsyth Clarendon 11
Rachel Forsyth Clarendon 11
Sayuri Dasram Clarendon 11
Somila Fex Clarendon 11
Tara Hill Clarendon 11
Zomzi Njamela Clarendon 11
Liyabona Myataza Clarendon 11
Macayla Potgieter Clarendon 11
Macayla Potgieter Clarendon 11
Hannah Stubbs Clarendon 11
Jenna Ketteringham Clarendon 11
Jenna Minnaar Clarendon 11
Jessica Guzinski Clarendon 11
Esithandile Wonqwelo Clarendon 11
Abigail Van der Merwe Clarendon 11
Abigayle Day Clarendon 11
Abongiwe Kentane Clarendon 11
Asange Kene Clarendon 11
Aspen Gilbert Clarendon 11
Beverly Nahayo Clarendon 11
Caylin Allan Clarendon 11




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