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The Pretoria Branch is very excited to announce that we will be expanding our branch this year. Over the past few years we have had one competition, the Creative Writing Challenge, but this year we will be taking part in other competitions offered by other branches. What is most exciting is that we are looking at starting a national spelling bee which we aim to launch towards the end of 2024 for 2025 participation. If you or your school are not yet on our mailing list or wish to find out more information, please send an email through to We are also looking for people to fill the roles of project managers, event coordinators. If you feel that you could fit one of these roles then please reach out. Looking forward to a wonderful and successful 2024.

Sarah Botha (Chairlady Pretoria Branch)



The Pretoria Branch of the South African Council for English Education is excited that the Creative Writing Competition for both Primary School and High Schools will go ahead this year.  We would love your learners to participate.  Closing date will be 6th October 2024.  For more information and the entry form, please click on the relevant link:

Primary Schools

High Schools

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2023 Creative Writing Competition Results

The Committee of the Pretoria Branch of SACEE would like to thank all schools and learners who took part in the 2023 Creative Writing Competition. Without your support and interest it would not possible to hold such an exciting event.

We look forward to next year’s competition and more wonderful entries.

Results of the
2023 Creative Writing Competition
for High Schools

Results of the
2023 Creative Writing Competition
for Primary Schools