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The Western Cape branch of SACEE run many fun projects, through its dedicated team of volunteers, to members of the branch.

SACEE Membership (Western Cape) 

SACEE membership forms can be obtained from or returned to the Branch Chairperson, Alison Gwynne-Evans on alisonge@sadomain.co.za.


This annual spelling competition for Grade 8 learners takes place in the first term and provides a good way for schools to integrate and assess the abilities of new high school students.  The competition requires the full cohort of Grade 8 students to learn 100 spelling words over a period of five or six weeks. Students are then tested at the end of that period on a selection of 25 of the total words – used in sentences to demonstrate the meaning of the word in context.

In 2021 we will be introducing online games to support the learning of the words and to make it possible for learners to challenge one another online.

In 2020 there were around 3000 entries. These came from 14 large schools entered where the winning school was Westerford.  There were 7 smaller schools entered and the winning school of this category was St Johns CBC Parklands.

Western Cape Schools wishing to participate in the 2021 Spellcheck competition can contact Branch Chairperson Alison Gwynne-Evans on alisonge@sadomain.co.za .

Public Speaking Competition

During lockdown, the City Bowl Public Speaking Competition morphed into the Online Public Speaking Competition, drawing schools from as far away as Knysna, Van Rhynsdorp, Masimbambane and Swartland as well as Somerset West, and St Cyprians School. 

Entries required learners to film videos of their 3-minute presentations on a specific topic that was both relevant and challenging.  Submissions included an excellent selection of entries using persuasion to argue and convince the audience. 

The online version brought learners from diverse schools together to share perspectives in a way that builds community and encapsulated wisdom and passion across a range of views. Strong arguments were presented using diverse and complementary rhetorical tools.

We look forward to seeing the reach of this competition grow in 2021. Schools wishing to participate in the Public Speaking Competition in the second semester can contact Jack Mutsvairo from St Cyprians School on mutsvairoj@stcyprians.co.za .

Winners for 2020 were Julia Rubins of St Cyprians School, Elsa Wolmarans of Knysna High School (click here to watch the video) and Melvinito Miggels of Van Rhynsdorp High School.

Reikanne Selela of Masibambane High School

Forum Discussions

Forum Discussions have been established over twenty-five years in Cape Town Schools.  They involve teams of learners in collaborative discussions on topical discussions.  Five member teams, under the leadership of a chair address a specific topic in a way which profiles the different members contributions in a positive way, building up an argument to include the diverse contributions. 

Lockdown meant that Forum Discussions did not take place in 2020, but they will be operating again in 2021 under the leadership of Alexa February of Reddam House School, Constantia on alexa.february@reddam.house. Forum Discussions take place in the third term.

This skill is particularly useful to enhance a collaborative approach to engaging with challenging topics.  Schools in the Helderberg area that are interested in participating in Forum Discussions should please contact Lesa McEwan of Curro Sitari on lesa.m@curro.co.za.

English Alive Anthology

English Alive is an annual publication including a selection of the best writing from learners at South African Schools and has been published for over fifty years.  Twanji Kalula is the current editor of the anthology, having taken over from Robin Malan, who has been involved since the start of the publication. Twanji can be contacted at editor@englishalive.org.za.

Contributions are welcome from schools across South Africa. Contributions need to be received by the end of April of the current year to be considered for publication. 

TikTok English Alive Poetry Slam

This new online competition requires learners to contribute their own compositions of poetry relating to a specific theme in 1-minute online compositions.

The TikTok English Alive Poetry Slam is run by Emmanuel Abiodun and Ariyaana Cader in the third term.  Competition details will be loaded on the English Alive website at www.englishalive.org.za,  and mailed to SACEE member schools.

Tiktok Poetry Slam 2020.mp4 – Google Drive

Writen during lockdown as a way of telling my bestie how much I miss her#Lockdownpoem #missmyfriends #EAPoetrySlam2020 @englishalive_za (tiktok.com)

Rambling Readers

The Rambling Readers is a committed team who have undertaken to read stories to primary schools learners on a weekly basis – extending the learners’ engagement with the English language and their ability to engage creatively and critically with story-telling.  Due to lockdown this group has been unable to operate as usual.