From my Chair

Dr Malcolm G Venter

National Chairperson


Who and what is SACEE? The answer to the first question is quite easy. The South African Council for English Education is an NPO that aims to support the teaching, learning and appreciation of English. This does not mean that SACEE believes that English is a superior language; our mission is based on the fact that English is the de facto lingua franca of South Africa, and is the passport to international communication. Being able to use English effectively is, therefore, a necessity for anyone in South Africa who wants to make his/her way in the country and in the world.

The answer to the other question – Who is SACEE? – is perhaps less well known. Who makes up SACEE? SACEE is an organisation which consists of a relatively small group of dedicated people. The office is administered by two part-timers who receive a minimal salary. National Secretary Miss Patricia Bootland and Treasurer Mrs Lesley Todd go way beyond the call of duty to ensure that the organisation runs smoothly. And then there are the co-ordinators of our projects and the branch chairs who offer their services voluntarily because of their commitment to the cause. They are assisted by a band of committed individuals.

One concern I have is that many of our ‘workers’ are over-stretched, and many have been around for a long time. What we need is people who share our mission to offer their services to assist those already in the field and also, if that is their bent, to take over from those who manage the various portfolios or serve on one of our provincial committees. I therefore call on individuals – whether they be teachers of English or people who realise the importance of English for our people or for education – and hence the economy and future of our country – to offer their services. If you are interested, you can contact our National Office and indicate where or how you would like to be part of one of the major solutions to South Africa’s future.

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