SACEE congratulates Damon Galgut (winner of the Olympiad in 1980). His book ‘The Promise’ received Britain’s Prestigious Booker Prize Award.

South African, Damon Galgut was recently announced the 2021 winner of Britain’s prestigious Booker Prize Award, for his book The Promise.

SACEE is proud to say that Damon won the English Olympiad in his Standard 9 year, in 1980.  Dr Venter recalls calling the quietly-spoken young man in his Pretoria Boys’ High uniform to receive his prize.  SACEE would like to congratulate him on this wonderful achievement, hoping that in some way the English Olympiad encouraged Damon on his literary career.

The Promise is a novel about a white family with a farm outside of Pretoria.  Covering the late apartheid era through to Jacob Zuma’s presidency, Galgut’s book shows a family’s growing disintegration as the country emerges into democracy.

The New Yorker called it “remarkable”.’ – News 24

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