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The Pretoria Branch of the South African Council for English Education would like to inform all schools that due to the current pandemic, we have decided not to proceed with the Creative Writing competition this year.

It can be said that this would be the ideal time for our young writers to produce their work, however, we cannot add pressure to the teachers who will need to oversee and manage the entries. A situation like this places extreme stress on all individuals. Once daily routines resume, teachers and parents alike will be focussed on returning things to a state of normalcy.

In closing, we thank you for your support and hope that you and your families stay safe .We look forward to communicating with you next year.

“Every storm that comes, also comes to an end.”

Yours sincerely                                                                               

Celeste Marks                                  


Pretoria Branch: SACEE


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2019 Creative Writing Competition Results

The Committee of the Pretoria Branch of SACEE would like to thank all schools and learners who took part in the 2019 Creative Writing Competition. Without your support and interest it would not possible to hold such an exciting event.

A special word of thanks to Father Patterson (Principal) and the staff of St Marys’ DSG, Hillcrest, for hosting the wonderful prize-giving function held on the 11th October 2019.  As well as to our sponsors, Protea Books and Bargain Books for their generous sponsorship of book prizes to our winners.


We look forward to next year’s competition and more wonderful entries.

All winning and commendable entries that were honoured at the annual prize-giving
have been published into a booklet.

Should you wish to order a booklet please click here to download the order form.

Chairperson’s Report 2019

Another successful SACEE year has come to an end.  We congratulate all learners who took the time to dive into their thoughts, emotions and ideas to create masterpieces.  Creative writing is also known as “the art of making things up”, but it is a vital part of modern society as it becomes a tool used for self–expression.   Language is such a powerful concept because it has the ability to completely shape ideas and thoughts. 

I was extremely impressed with the writing skills of our young learners; they were able to attune themselves with the sound of their own imaginations and this translated into beautiful stories and poems.

Thank you to all parents, learners and teachers, without your input; we would not be able to celebrate these achievements. I would also like to thank the SACEE Committee for your sacrificial contributions; I am grateful and honoured to be part of SACEE.

Celeste Marks

Chairperson – SACEE Pretoria Branch

Results of the

2019 Creative Writing Competition

for High Schools

Learners Name Position School Title
Junior Poetry
Natasha Peters First Place Cornwall Hill College The Cold is Coming
Surina Singh Second Place St Mary’s DSG Withering Flowers
Nandi Moyo Third Place Southdowns College The World We Live in
Melinda Reyneke Highly Commendable Pretoria Chinese School Oh! What a Wonderful World Man Has Created
Junior Writing
Surina Singh First Place St Mary’s DSG Wonder
Shazia Jamal Second Place Cambridge Academy Burning Midnight
Sibella Erasmus Third Place Cornwall Hill College Zero Hour
Erin Desmarais Highly Commendable Cornwall Hill College Burning Midnight
Senior Poetry
Maria Simpson First Place Cornwall Hill College Ode to Fate
Kholofelo Mothoa Second Place Pretoria High School For Girls Marketplace Secrets
Hannah Palane Third Place St Mary’s DSG One in Ten
Shannon Morrison Highly Commendable Cornwall Hill College The Occasion
Senior Writing
Charis Noviskie First Place Hatfield Christian School Out of the Box
Chloe van Niekerk Second Place Hatfield Christian School Wonder
Sean Cameron Third Place Cornwall Hill College Someday (YHWH)
Gabrielle Coetzee Third Place Southdowns College As I Descended: Winter in St. Petersburg
Maria Simpson Highly Commendable Cornwall Hill College Burning Midnight: Holier than Thou
Kalsee Nadasen Highly Commendable Hatfield Christian School As I Descended
Jade du Preez Highly Commendable Pretoria Chinese School Forgotten Progenities
Simon Augustyn Highly Commendable St Albans College As I descended

Results of the

2019 Creative Writing Competition

for Primary Schools

Grade Name Title School Position
4 Jevahn Groenewald May’s Dozing Dangerous Dragons Cornwall Hill College WINNING
4 Jevahn Groenewald Snakes’ Mysteries Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
4 Michael van Baalen The Day I Licked the Great Wall of China Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
4 Wiehan Visser The Weirdest Planet Ever Midstream Ridge COMMENDABLE
4 Genevieve du Plessis Welcome to Planet School Midstream Ridge COMMENDABLE
4 Jessica Stedall Above and Below Reddford House COMMENDABLE
4 Kayla Dean I Caught the Flu Reddford House COMMENDABLE
5 Daniella de Vries As the Sun Sets Southdowns College WINNING
5 Lara Wiehahn The Best Bunny Burrow Midstream College COMMENDABLE
5 Isa Nanbhai Future Reddford House COMMENDABLE
5 Arno Bosch Mystical Monsters Reddford House COMMENDABLE
5 Megan Moonsamy Rhinos Southdowns College COMMENDABLE
5 Jamila Haeri Mazanderani Button Eyes St Mary’s DSG COMMENDABLE
6 Imani Ravhuhali The Tree Southdowns College WINNING
6 Jenna Robertson I Feel … Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
6 Renate Mare This is me Midstream College COMMENDABLE
6 Diyav Moodley Into the Deep Midstream Ridge COMMENDABLE
6 Jenhara Rooplall The Sunset Burden Southdowns College COMMENDABLE
6 Amu Madungandaba Who Are You Southdowns College COMMENDABLE
7 Joshua Andrews The Source of Life Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
7 Nsovo Manganyi Peer Pressure Assumption Convent COMMENDABLE
7 Olerato Maponyane Don’t judge a book by its cover Assumption Convent COMMENDABLE
7 Caitlin Cameron Blossoming Shadows Cornwall Hill College WINNING
7 Ntee Puling I see humans, but no humanity Midstream College COMMENDABLE
7 Tehya Naidoo The Quiet Student Midstream College COMMENDABLE
7 Sedibana Ngoasheng Message to Mom Midstream Ridge COMMENDABLE
7 Emma Gradidge When death comes for me Reddford House COMMENDABLE
7 Hannah Pye Acrostic Poem: Southdowns College Southdowns College COMMENDABLE
7 Kimaya Naidoo Do you ever ? Springvale Primary School COMMENDABLE
7 Hadia Emmambux Them St Mary’s DSG COMMENDABLE
7 Opal Lutwana FEAR St Mary’s DSG COMMENDABLE
3 Serenity Waller The Lost Investigator Cornwall Hill College WINNING
3 Masechaba Madlala The secret life of Mr Langton, our college principal Christian Brothers College COMMENDABLE
3 Kayla Koen The Beautiful Butterfly Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
3 Ferryn Tours Under my Bed Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
3 Kavia Muthray Africa, my Africa St Mary’s DSG COMMENDABLE
4 Tyler Walton The Candy Castle Cornwall Hill College WINNING
4 Samkelo Tshazibana The Tale of Steward the Tartan Tie Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
4 Cuan Coetzee The Super Cat Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
4 Regardt van der Riet The Farmer and the Animals Midstream College COMMENDABLE
4 Ayesha Rasool Anna Blue Rescues the Moon Springvale Primary School COMMENDABLE
4 Siliziwe Hans The Adventures of Illusion Confusion St Mary’s DSG COMMENDABLE
5 Daniella de Vries Discovery of the Magic Tree Southdowns College WINNING
5 Xane Siebrand Space Adventures Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
5 Annie Hooman Candy Land Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
5 Zilu Wei The Lonely Giant Midstream College COMMENDABLE
5 Lara Wiehahn The Creepy Curious Chronicle Midstream College COMMENDABLE
5 Anjeli Ramatsui What’s under my bed ? Southdowns College COMMENDABLE
6 Joss van der Merwe Solstice St Mary’s DSG WINNING
6 Kelly Fletcher Hayley the Horse Whisperer Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
6 Chamonix du Toit Times End Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
6 Madison Kranz Aviery’s Hero Story Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
6 Sze-Wei Lee The Boastful Lion Lynnwood Ridge COMMENDABLE
7 Caitlin Cameron The Candle’s Flame Cornwall Hill College WINNING
7 Nina Pretorius Underground Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
7 Caitlin Cameron Blown Away Cornwall Hill College COMMENDABLE
7 O’Funa Mufhandu Lights Out Lynnwood Ridge COMMENDABLE
7 Lara Scholtz Fish Out of Water Southdowns College COMMENDABLE
7 Imán Omar Carrim My Flying Catastrophe St Mary’s DSG COMMENDABLE
7 Aiden van der Westhuizen Blue Lagoon Waterkloof House Preparatory COMMENDABLE

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