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12 – 14 SEPTEMBER 2017

This is a three-person team competition to test knowledge of Shakespeare’s plays and historical background.
Teams will be tested on five plays: Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Twelfth Night.
Each school may enter one or two teams. Participation in the Shakespeare Challenge costs R100 per team.
If you are interested in participating in the Shakespeare Challenge, please contact Dr Rohan Quince at
To download the entry form please click here.


for  Secondary Schools – 2017

SACEE – Johannesburg branch, is pleased to announce that this writing competition will take place again this year. We would like to encourage all schools in the Johannesburg and surrounding areas registered with the branch to support the competition. One of SACEE’s main aims is to develop the good use of English in both spoken and written forms. To this end we urge you to encourage your teachers to motivate as many learners as possible, from Grades 7 – 9 (Junior) and 10 – 12 (Senior), to enter the competition.

Entries are now being received for the 2017 Creative Writing Competition.



The SACEE Debating League continues to be the biggest and strongest league in Gauteng.  In 2017, 67 schools have registered for the debating league, with 91 junior teams and 104 senior teams.  The championship rounds are approaching.

Gauteng Debating is run on three levels:
  1. SACEE Regional rounds: divided into, North, West, East and Central regions.
  2. SACEE Championships: centralised, with invites based on regional rounds.
  3. Gauteng Provincial Championships: invites based on SACEE Championships, to be held in September.

For more information about the SACEE/Gauteng Schools debating please click here.

For the School’s entry form to participtate kindly click here.   


In 2016, as part of the 400-year commemoration of Shakespeare’s death in 1616, SACEE sponsored a Shakespeare Monologue Competition, hosted by King David Linksfield School.

The second annual SACEE Shakespeare Monologue Competition took place on 9 May 2017 at the National Children’s Theatre.  This year we had entrants from seven schools, including King David Linksfield Primary and High Schools, Willowmoore High, Ameerak Montessori, Horizon International, Kingsmead and Sacred Heart.   Each actor was allowed to perform up to three different speeches to show their versatility.

Speeches from no less than twelve Shakespeare plays were performed, ranging from comedies like As You Like It to tragedies like King Lear, from well-known favourites like Romeo and Juliet to lesser known plays like Titus Andronicus

The adjudicators were delighted by the enthusiasm of the performers and impressed by the dramatic impact of many of the speeches.  Joshua Wilensky was commended for his energetic gusto as Titus Andronicus gloating over his wicked victims, as well as for his portrayal of a lovesick Duke Orsino.  Kira Levin also impressed with her clarity of speech and the effectiveness of her movements as Puck.  Highly commended was Zainaaz Hansa, who gave a spirited performance as Puck and a wonderfully wicked rendition of Iago.

The winner was Samuel Hertz from King David Linksfield Primary School, who performed Petruchio’s swaggering speech to Kate in The Taming of the Shrew, and two speeches from Macbeth – Macbeth’s “Is this a dagger?” soliloquy and a colourful rendition of the witches’ brew!

The monologues were followed by scenes performed by students of King David Linksfield High.  We saw Cleopatra’s outrageous abuse of the poor Messenger who brings her the news that Antony has married someone else from Antony and Cleopatra; the drunken scene with Malvolio’s angry intervention from Twelfth Night; and the Pyramus and Thisbe playlet from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Thank you to the South African Council for English Education and the National Children’s Theatre for promoting Shakespeare!