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SACEE – Johannesburg branch, is pleased to announce that this writing competition will take place again this year. We would like to encourage all schools in the Johannesburg and surrounding areas registered with the branch to support the competition. One of SACEE’s main aims is to develop the good use of English in both spoken and written forms. To this end we urge you to encourage your teachers to motivate as many learners as possible, from Grades 7 – 9 (Junior) and 10 – 12 (Senior), to enter the competition

We are pleased to hereby inform you that due to many requests received, we have decided, in consultation with our Resident Judge, Jane Fox, to extend the final date for submissions to this year’s SACEE CREATIVE WRITING COMPETITION to Tuesday, August 31st, 2021.  Read More

We look forward to receiving your entries as soon as possible; before August 31st.

Click here to obtain the original official document detailing and including the rules, requirements, categories and relevant forms in case it is needed as a reminder and reference.

For results of the 2020 Creative Writing Competition click here.

Thanking you for your engagement. 



The 2020 Shakespeare Monologue Competition was postponed and then cancelled.

The annual collaboration between National Children’s Theatre and the South African Council for English Education resumed in 2021.  The Shakespeare Festival and Monologue Competition took place in the new outdoor Imagination Theatre at NCT on 11-13 May 2021.

There were entries from eight schools and clubs, including King Edward VII School, Jeppe High School for Boys, St Stithians Girls College, Willowmoore High School, Woodlands International College, St James Preparatory School and St Dominics’ Catholic School for Girls.  Eventually fifty-eight monologues and fifteen scenes were performed over the three days of the festival.  Eighteen plays and the sonnets were represented.  Old favourites like A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth, Hamlet and Othello featured prominently, but it was gratifying to watch extracts from less well-known plays as well, like Troilus and Cressida, All’s Well That Ends Well and The Winter’s Tale.

First place in the Junior Monologue section went to Dhyan Naran from St James for his expressive portrayal of Caliban when he curses the oppressive Prospero in The Tempest!  The runner-up was Radhe Bagaloo, also from St James.  She delightfully played the Fairy chasing the snakes and spiders away from the Fairy Queen’s bower in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

There were two winners in the Senior Monologue section: Sidney Benard from St Stithians and Jeb Molteno from Jeppe.  Sidney gave a powerful and moving performance as Lady Anne mourning over the coffin of Henry VI in Richard III.  Jeb achieved a very contemporary relevance in his humorous rendering of Benedick in As You Like It – why do men fall in love?

Due to the high standard of performance, no less than five runner-up awards were presented.  Ektoras Meyer from Willowmoore shone in his portrayal of Cassius in Julius Caesar.  Rachelle Weiss gave a subtle and varied rendering of Ophelia’s mad scene in Hamlet.  Michael Theron from Jeppe was hilarious as Trinculo discovering Caliban cowering under a cloak in The Tempest.  Matthew Greenfield from King Edward gave an imaginative and lively rendition of Launcelot Gobbo in The Merchant of Venice, torn between listening to his conscience or to the fiend!  Domineque Rayson from Woodlands showed her versatility in a feisty performance as Emilia in Othello and then as the scheming and smitten Phoebe in As You Like It.

The runners-up in the Best Scene section were Anda Tenza and Mahlatse Ramadibane from St Dominic’s as the tortured Othello and the evil Iago in Othello.    First place went to NCT’s Shakespeare Club for their performance of one of the forest scenes in As You Like It.  They included the famous “All the world’s a stage” speech and finished with a charming rendition of Shakespeare’s song, “Blow, blow, thou winter wind”.  Congratulations to Matthew Rusznyak, Rearabetswe Molope, Simone Greehy, Reynard Vos, Sashin Woolfgaardt, Kajal Khandelwal and Ronelle Silverstone!

Thank you to National Children’s Theatre and the South African Council for English Education for promoting Shakespeare!  Well done to all the talented performers and their dedicated teachers for their support.

For information of the 2018 Shakespeares Monologue, please click here.


The SACEE Debating League continues to be the biggest and strongest league in Gauteng.

Gauteng Debating is run on three levels:

  1. SACEE Regional rounds: divided into, North, West, East and Central regions.
  2. SACEE Championships: centralised, with invites based on regional rounds.
  3. Gauteng Provincial Championships: invites based on SACEE Championships, to be held in September.

The 2020 results and report can be viewed here.

For more information about the SACEE/Gauteng Schools debating please click here.

For the School’s entry form to participtate kindly click here.